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Dedicated to providing superior service to all residents

Prestige Star Management: Combining local knowledge, expertise, hands-on experience with the utmost attentiveness.


Seasoned staff combines decades of knowledge and skill with unmatched attentiveness


Prestige Star’s people are long-term residents of DFW, providing a unique understanding of the area


Two-way communication between residents and staff ensure that specific needs are immediately met

The Team

Prestige Star Management’s professional staff successfully combines skills with a vigilant mentality to ensure outstanding maintenance of, and service to, its DFW communities.

The Communities

The Morningstar, Northstar, and Fairview Meadows communities provide unique living experiences for its residents, offering quality housing and outstanding amenities amid gorgeous locales.


The Services

Prestige Star successfully combines a hands-on focus on management and lifestyle programming with enhanced, proprietary systems to ensure that residents have everything they need for ideal living.

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